Do you want to be happier? Tec de Monterrey offers a free Positive Psychology course


Positive Psychology is based on the idea that people not only seek to avoid suffering but also to achieve flourishing, develop their potential, express their values, contribute to society, and fully enjoy life.

In this discipline, fundamental concepts such as well-being, happiness, strengths, virtues, and purpose are worked on, offering tools and strategies that allow understanding and enhancing these positive aspects.

Tecnológico de Monterrey has launched an online course in Positive Psychology. This initiative is a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating world of psychology and learn to apply its principles in everyday life.

No prior experience in psychology is required, and it is designed to be accessible and beneficial for people from various backgrounds.

The course’s focus is eminently practical, offering effective strategies that can be applied in everyday life to improve personal well-being.

The course program covers the following aspects:


  1. History and definition of Positive Psychology.
  2. Models of Well-being.
  3. Practices that impact personal well-being.
  4. Practices that impact social well-being.

With a duration of approximately 18 hours, it will be taught by instructors Daniela Aguilar de León and Mónica Cecilia Garza Martínez.

It will be available on the Coursera platform and is accessible to anyone interested in improving their quality of life and making a positive contribution to their community, regardless of their professional background.

The only requirement to access the course for free is by auditing it. With this option, you will have free access to the course, but you will not receive a completion certificate.

If you are interested in this Positive Psychology course offered by Tecnológico de Monterrey, we invite you to enroll in the course through this link.

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