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Electricians are professionals whose work often goes unnoticed in our daily lives, but they play a crucial role in modern society.

Their experience and skills are essential to ensure that electricity flows safely and efficiently in our homes, workplaces, and communities.

From the installation and maintenance of electrical systems to solving everyday problems, their presence is vital to ensure the smooth functioning of life as we know it.

Their work encompasses a wide range of tasks, from designing plans for new electrical installations to identifying the most suitable locations for electrical components. Furthermore, they must stay updated on the latest technologies, regulations, and procedures, as the electrical industry is in constant evolution.

Electricians are also responsible for inspecting and testing electrical circuits, troubleshooting electrical issues in homes and businesses, and even supervising and training assistants. They are well-prepared to address common electrical problems like faulty outlets, non-functioning lamps, or damaged switches.

Free Basic Electricity Course

The Carlos Slim Foundation, through its “Capac√≠tate para el Empleo” program, offers an opportunity for those interested in learning about electricity and training to become electricians.

The free Basic Electricity course is an initiative aimed at educating individuals in planning electrical installations and solving connectivity issues in homes, buildings, and workplaces.


This course is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to learn at your preferred time and pace. There are no excuses.

It is offered through, a platform supported by the Carlos Slim Foundation. Upon successful completion of the course, you can obtain an official certificate, completely free of charge.

Enrolling in this course is a straightforward process. If you are interested, you can register on the platform through this link. You only need to fill out the required information in the form, including your name and email address.

The Carlos Slim Foundation provides a valuable opportunity for free training through this course.

Register now to acquire the necessary skills to contribute to the effective operation of electrical installations in our society.

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  1. morning iam brian and i love this work of electricity and apart from that iwant to know how to connect and to reconnect those wires and iwant to join your school . for every thing you tell me iam ready to do and to follow it .my phone number is 0713867427. bye have a nice day

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