Do you know what was the first image uploaded to the internet? You will be surprised to discover what it is!


The first webpage uploaded to the internet was about the World Wide Web project, which marked a milestone in human history.

Since then, the internet has evolved into a space where we can do everything we set out to do, from entertainment to work.

In its early days, the internet was a simple and slow medium used primarily to exchange information related to physics.

The first websites even took minutes to load and were a mix of gray and light colors, without animations or images.

In this context, the question was asked: What was the first image uploaded to the internet? The answer lies with a parody pop band of particle physics called Les Horribles Cernettes.

On July 18, 1992, Michele de Gennaro, a 3D graphics artist at CERN, took an edited photo of the band and saved it as a souvenir. At the same time, Berners Lee was developing software that would allow the web to handle GIF images.

So when it came time to upload the first photo to the web, the Cernettes had the honor of being the first photo on the web.


While it is clarified that it was not really the first image uploaded to the internet, the people involved at that time issued a statement, in part due to malicious statements, denying the fact.

In their own words, they say that “it was the first image of a band uploaded to the internet.”

No one knows what the first photo on the web was. But our photo was one of the ones that changed the web from a platform for documenting physics to a medium for our lives.

It was the portal that opened the Web to music and the arts, and to everything fun!

The image of Les Horribles Cernettes was the first image uploaded to the internet and changed the history of the internet from something serious and only for scientific purposes to a place full of color and fun.

Sources: Gizmodo Motherboard

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