Do you know it or do you flatter it: The Slim Foundation launches its free advanced-level Excel course


In the current world, where information is crucial, having efficient tools to handle large amounts of data has become essential.

This is where Excel comes into play, a software developed by Microsoft that is part of the Office suite.

Excel is recognized for being a highly effective tool to obtain meaningful information from extensive datasets.

Furthermore, its utility extends beyond mere information organization, as it is also a powerful tool for calculations and tracking in a wide range of fields.

Free Excel Course

If you have basic knowledge of Excel and want to expand your skills in using the functions offered by this software, you will be pleased to know that the Carlos Slim Foundation, through its Académica platform, offers an advanced Excel course for free.

The course, designed by the National Agrarian University, has a duration of four weeks, approximately 16 hours of study.

During the course, the main Excel tools will be covered, including the application of filters, the use of formulas and functions, as well as the creation of dynamic tables and charts.


Through practical exercises and specialized guides, participants will acquire skills that will allow them to fully leverage the potential of this tool.

The syllabus of the free Excel course offered by the Carlos Slim Foundation is as follows:

  • Application of filters to data series: advanced filters and efficient database management will be taught.
  • Formulas and functions: practical exercises and detailed guides on the different functions available in Excel will be provided.
  • Pivot tables: participants will explore how to create and use pivot tables to analyze and summarize large datasets.
  • Dynamic charts: participants will be introduced to creating dynamic charts, a powerful visual tool for representing information.

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Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of participation, validating their acquisition of advanced Excel skills.

The Académica platform belongs to the Carlos Slim Foundation and the Telmex Telcel Foundation.

If you wish to access the course, you can do so by using this link.

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