Do You Know English? UNAM Launches a Free Course to Master this Language


Knowing how to speak English not only allows us to communicate with people from different cultures but also opens doors to a vast amount of information, knowledge, and entertainment.

Additionally, learning English stimulates cognitive development, creativity, and social skills, contributing to improving individuals’ self-esteem and confidence.

Aligned with the significance of English in the global landscape, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) offers an excellent opportunity for all those who wish to enhance their skills in this language.

This English course will be delivered through the Virtual Language Environment (Ambiente Virtual de Idiomas – AVI), a collaboration between the Faculty of Higher Studies Acatlán and the British Council.

The AVI platform provides a comprehensive and effective learning experience, with the aim of helping participants develop the four fundamental language skills: speaking, writing, listening, and reading.

Are you interested in enrolling in the UNAM’s English course?

The registration process is simple. Just go to the Ambiente Virtual de Idiomas (AVI) website and select the English language option.


Next, choose one of the four available categories for the course:

  • Practice: In this section, you will find placement exams, reading comprehension, and diagnostic tests covering different levels from beginners to advanced intermediates.
  • Evaluate: Here, you can access interactive exercises and assessments to practice and improve your English proficiency.
  • Learn and Certify: This section is exclusively for UNAM students enrolled in the AVI program, offering supplements for their economic development and the possibility of obtaining English proficiency certifications from other institutions.

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to acquire English skills with a prestigious institution like UNAM.

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Enroll in the free English course through AVI and get ready for a future full of personal and professional possibilities. The world awaits you with open doors to English proficiency!

Access the platform by following this link.

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