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Learning to program has become an invaluable skill with a significant impact on both personal and professional life.

Programming is not only the language of machines but also a gateway to creating applications, websites, video games, and operating systems. If you can program, you’ll be able to work in any technology company and even develop your own business.

Beyond the professional aspect, learning to program enhances problem-solving abilities. Programming equips you with logical skills to tackle any challenges that may arise.

If you’re interested in learning to program, today, I present to you three free courses offered by renowned universities that will help you learn and master programming.

Android: Introduction to Programming (Universitat Politècnica de València)

Universitat Politècnica de València offers you the opportunity to embark on your journey into Android application development.

Curso Android

In this course, you will create a practical application called “My Favorite Places,” where you’ll learn essential concepts such as Java, Android Studio, user interface design, activities, intents, security, maps, and databases.

This edX course allows you to explore the exciting world of mobile application development for free, with the support of a prestigious academic institution.

Introduction to R (Anáhuac Universities Network)

The Anáhuac Universities Network presents an introductory course to R, one of the most relevant languages in data analysis, data science, and artificial intelligence.


Curso R

Mastering R is essential for those who want to delve into data analysis and make decisions based on solid information.

This free course in Spanish, available on edX, provides a strong practical foundation for understanding and using this fundamental language in the field of data analytics.

Introduction to Web Application Development (Autonomous University of Madrid)

The Autonomous University of Madrid invites you to take your first steps into web application development.

Curso Web

This course will teach you how to create web applications from scratch using technologies like HTML, CSS, Python, JSON, JavaScript, and Ajax.

This training, available in Spanish, is free on edX and represents a unique opportunity to acquire skills in web application development.

Don’t get left behind in this digital age; seize these opportunities and prepare for a future full of possibilities in the technology and software development field.

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