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The growing influence of artificial intelligence (AI) in our society has raised crucial questions about human morality and the ethical behavior of machines.

UNESCO, recognizing the need to establish clear guidelines, approved the first global ethical framework on artificial intelligence in November 2021.

This framework aims to guide the responsible development of AI, protect human rights, and promote human dignity, emphasizing fundamental principles such as transparency and fairness.

Kaggle, a renowned online learning platform, has launched the course “Intro to AI Ethics,” designed to address key issues in artificial intelligence ethics.

The course, accessible without prerequisites in programming, is a unique opportunity to understand and apply ethical principles in the development of AI systems.

Led by Var Shankar, an expert in AI ethics, and Alexis Cook, a specialist in AI model design and training, the program focuses on various crucial aspects.

From human-centered design to the detection and mitigation of bias in AI systems, participants will acquire practical and applicable skills.


A highlight of the course is the emphasis on “Model Cards,” a popular framework that enhances the public accountability of AI models. This contributes to transparency and public understanding of how these systems work, crucial in a context where algorithmic opacity can raise concerns.

Instructors emphasize that, while the course provides a solid foundation, AI ethics is an ongoing conversation.

In the words of the course creators, “Ethics is a conversation.” This approach underscores the need for a constant and evolving dialogue on the ethical aspects of AI.

Although the course does not cover all aspects, it provides guidelines for continuing learning and engaging in the dialogue on AI ethics as it continues to evolve.

The opportunity to acquire ethical skills in the development of artificial intelligence is seen as a crucial step toward a responsible and sustainable technological future.

Access the course through this link.

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