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The current world is dominated by software and programming, two fundamental concepts in the field of computer science.

From mobile devices to complex artificial intelligence systems, everything functions thanks to software development and programming.

If you are curious to understand how this technology works and wish to delve into the exciting world of programming, you will be glad to know that you now have the opportunity to do so with a free introductory programming course.

Free Introduction to Programming Course

The course “How Does Technology Work? Software and Programming” is an excellent opportunity to learn the basics and understand the importance of software and programming in the modern world.

This course is designed for all kinds of people, whether they want to learn how to program or simply gain a better understanding of the software they use daily.

In the course, key topics will be covered that will allow you to acquire a solid foundation in programming.

You will start with an introduction to software and its relationship with technology, comprehending its essential role in various fields such as education, science, engineering, art, communication, entertainment, and security.


Once you have a general overview, you will dive into different areas of work in programming.

You will learn the basics of programming, which will enable you to understand how algorithms and logical sequences of actions communicate with computers using programming languages.

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The course has a duration of 1 hour and is classified as a basic level. To date, it has been completed by over 7.1K students, demonstrating its popularity and relevance in the educational community.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn for free and embark on your path to new skills and professional opportunities!

Access the course using the following link: How Does Technology Work? Software and Programming

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