Create mobile applications without coding with Google’s Free Course!


Currently, the creation of mobile applications has become a necessity for many businesses and projects.

However, not everyone has the necessary programming knowledge to carry out this task.

That’s why Google has launched a specialized course in APPSheet, a no-code mobile app development platform.

APPSheet allows you to create custom applications using the data you already have stored in services like Google Sheets, Excel, Dropbox, SQL, among others. This means that you can leverage the information you already handle and transform it into a functional and attractive application for your business.

There are many advantages to using APPSheet. First of all, its ease of use. You only need to connect your data, choose the desired design and functions, and within minutes, you can have your own application ready to be published.

Furthermore, the platform is highly flexible, allowing you to customize your app with your logo, colors, images, and other visual elements. You can also add advanced features such as maps, forms, charts, and notifications.

If you’re interested in learning more about APPSheet and how to create your own mobile application without the need for programming, Google offers a complete course to become an APPSheet developer.

This course will guide you through the necessary foundations for creating mobile and desktop applications using this powerful platform.

The course is designed for individuals interested in the world of programming, app development, and computer science. While no prior programming knowledge is required, basic knowledge of Excel or Google Sheets is recommended.


Additionally, it’s important to have a good level of English, as the course is taught in this language.

The APPSheet developer course consists of 4 main courses, covering everything from the fundamentals to the implementation and automation of no-code applications.

During the course, you will learn to design user interfaces, databases, and custom workflows. You will also discover how to integrate data from different sources, such as spreadsheets and databases, and how to automate business processes to improve efficiency.

The course is created and taught by professionals from Google Cloud, Google’s cloud computing platform.

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If you’re ready to delve into the world of creating mobile applications without programming, we invite you to explore Google’s course on APPSheet.

Don’t miss the opportunity to become an expert in mobile app development with this free course.

Access the course using this link.

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