CONDUSEF invites you to its free online course on financial education

Financial education is a fundamental pillar for the economic well-being and financial stability of individuals.

Understanding how to responsibly and efficiently manage our financial resources is essential for making informed decisions about money, planning our financial goals, saving, investing wisely, protecting ourselves from risks, and taking advantage of opportunities offered by the financial system.

Aware of the importance of this subject, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users (CONDUSEF) presents the course “Financial Education for All,” a free and 100% online initiative designed to provide basic and practical concepts to all individuals interested in improving their financial management.

The course is highly flexible, allowing users to progress at their own pace, with a total duration of 8 hours.

The course’s objective is to provide clear and practical tools that enable participants to make more informed financial decisions and manage their money properly.

Key topics for successful financial management will be addressed, such as the importance of creating a budget, tips for saving and protecting money, factors to consider when taking out a loan, investment strategies, retirement planning, and the role of insurance in protecting assets.


The course content is divided into 8 modules, each focusing on a relevant aspect of financial education:

  1. Why Budgeting is Necessary.
  2. How to Save and Protect Your Money.
  3. What to Consider When Taking out a Loan.
  4. Can Anyone Have an Investment Plan?
  5. Why Retirement Planning is Necessary.
  6. The Purpose and Importance of Insurance.
  7. Protecting Ourselves from Financial Frauds.
  8. Services provided by CONDUSEF.

Upon successfully completing the modules, participants will receive a diploma certifying their participation in the course.

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Registration is straightforward; all that is required is to fill out a registration form and provide a personal email account to receive the access password.

To register and obtain more information, please visit the official CONDUSEF website using this link.

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