CISCO has launched a JavaScript programming course aimed at beginners


Although there has been a lot of talk lately about the advantages of knowing the JavaScript programming language, the truth is that not everyone has the necessary knowledge to do so.

That is why CISCO, the leading company in computer and communications networks, has developed a free online course that seeks to teach programming in JavaScript in an easy and accessible way for anyone interested.

The course “Learn JavaScript, the language of the web” is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to learn to create interactive web and mobile applications.

No prior programming experience is required, so anyone can participate.

The main objective of the course is to teach students to think algorithmically and analyze problems, as well as design, develop, and improve programs in JavaScript.

In addition, students will learn about the fundamental development tools, how a program is interpreted and executed in a local and remote environment, and how to create and develop their own programming portfolio.

Completion of the course grants a certificate of completion and also prepares students to obtain the entry-level JavaScript programmer certification (JSE) from the OpenEDG JavaScript Institute.


The course consists of a series of lessons that can be completed at your own pace. Each lesson includes video tutorials, interactive exercises, and a frequently asked questions section to help students better understand the content.

Learning to program in JavaScript is a valuable skill for anyone interested in careers in technology, and this course is a unique opportunity to acquire these skills in an accessible and free way.

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Don’t wait any longer and sign up for the “Learn JavaScript, the language of the web” course from Cisco today.

You can access the course using this link.

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