Carlos Slim launches a leadership course with certification (Free)


Leadership, a fundamental skill to influence the world and organizations, has become an essential factor in achieving goals and developing work teams.

Leaders are those who inspire others to believe in a vision, collaborate as a team, and overcome obstacles, creating a positive impact on society.

Furthermore, they provide direction, set priorities, and offer a clear vision in times of change and uncertainty.

The Carlos Slim Foundation, through its Capacítate para el Empleo platform, has launched a “Leadership” course for free, with the purpose of promoting the acquisition of key skills for leadership and personal development.

This course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the elements that make up leadership at the organizational level, with a focus on the workplace.

Throughout the lessons, you will learn about the various forms of leadership, how to motivate your teams, foster your own creativity, and that of your collaborators to achieve goals.


Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate that verifies your acquisition of knowledge and skills in leadership.

This initiative is part of the offering from Capacítate para el Empleo, the training platform of the Carlos Slim Foundation, which provides free online courses and diplomas.

If you wish to strengthen your leadership skills and make a positive contribution to your work environment, do not hesitate to seize this opportunity and take the Leadership course.

You can access the course through this link and take a step toward the development of your leadership abilities.

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