Carlos Slim Foundation invites you to its free accounting training course


Accounting, far from being a mere exercise in numbers, serves as the compass guiding organizations’ actions in the vast sea of business.

Behind the balances and financial statements lies the story of operations, risks, and opportunities. It is the art of translating financial complexity into clear and comprehensible information, underpinning decisions that shape the future.

This discipline is not only essential for a company’s internal functioning but also for communicating with the outside world: investors, clients, and regulators.

Auxiliary Accounting Course by the Carlos Slim Foundation

Do you find yourself intrigued by the financial world and its mysteries? Do you want to play a fundamental role in strategic decision-making?

The Carlos Slim Foundation offers you an opportunity to dive into accounting through its online course on Auxiliary Accounting, hosted on the educational platform “Capac√≠tate para el Empleo.”

From the essential fundamentals to advanced concepts, this course is designed to take you on an educational journey that covers all crucial aspects of accounting.

You will explore everything from the significance of accounting in companies and its fundamental principles to the preparation of financial reports and a deep understanding of topics such as Value Added Tax (VAT), recording transactions, and inventory valuation methods.


There are no time limits to complete the course, nor are there restrictions on the number of attempts to pass the assessments.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate attesting to your new knowledge, enhancing your professional profile, and opening doors in the competitive job market.

The Carlos Slim Foundation invites you to explore the Auxiliary Accounting Course and open doors to a solid and opportunity-filled financial future. With over 200 courses available on its educational platform, the Carlos Slim Foundation is committed to supporting your personal and professional development.

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Ready to uncover the secrets behind the numbers? Want to be a key player in the financial world? Accounting awaits you, and the Carlos Slim Foundation will guide you on this exciting journey!

Learn more and register for the course by clicking on the link. Your path to financial success begins here.

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