Carlos Slim Foundation: Here Are the Free English Learning Courses Available on the Académica Platform

If you’re looking for high-quality and completely free English courses, look no further because we have great news for you.

Académica, from the Carlos Slim Foundation, is an interactive educational platform driven by TELMEX. It’s a knowledge hub that brings together educational content from prestigious higher education institutions and international research centers.

Its mission is to make knowledge accessible to all those seeking to learn and develop their full potential.

The online English courses offered by the Carlos Slim Foundation cover a wide variety of levels and needs, ensuring that there’s an option for every person interested in improving their language proficiency.

Some of the available courses include:

English Vocabulary for Beginners: Building a Solid Foundation

If you’re taking your first steps in learning English, this course provides you with essential vocabulary needed in various contexts.

From greetings to descriptions of people, places, professions, and occupations, this approximately 20-hour study course is ideal for those looking to strengthen their lexical foundation.

English B1: Effective Communication in Everyday Situations

For those who want to advance their English communication skills, the B1 Preliminary course offers a valuable opportunity.

By enhancing reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, this course allows you to express yourself in common situations and understand various texts. Additionally, you will enrich your vocabulary in specific topics.


English A1: Online Support for Basic Notions

Designed for those with basic knowledge of English, this course follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The program is divided into modules that address the four main skills: listening, speaking, writing, and reading, adapting to individual schedules and needs.

English Grammar: Strengthening the Grammar Foundation

Grammar is essential for effective communication in English. This approximately 24-hour study course focuses on developing understanding of grammatical rules through practical activities in a variety of contexts, from health to the environment.

English for Criminology and Forensics: Specialized Communication

This unique course is designed for those interested in criminology and forensic sciences.

Through specific English phrases and expressions, you will acquire the linguistic tools to communicate effectively in this specialized area.

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If you’re interested in learning English, I recommend that you visit the Carlos Slim Foundation courses by following this link.

These courses are an excellent way to enhance your language skills and open up new opportunities.

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