Canon Offers Free Photography Courses: What Are the Requirements?


Photography is an art that continually evolves and renews itself. In this regard, having the opportunity to learn and improve our skills is an invaluable gift.

Canon, a globally renowned brand in the field of photography, not only provides high-quality products but is also committed to helping its customers achieve their full potential in this exciting field.

That’s why I share some news today that will undoubtedly please photography enthusiasts: Canon Mexico offers free equipment handling courses for those who have purchased a Canon camera through authorized distributors.

Free Photography Courses: What Do They Entail?

Canon’s initiative is undoubtedly an exciting opportunity for Canon camera owners of all experience levels.

The free equipment handling courses cover a wide range of models, from those ideal for beginners, such as the EOS Rebel T7, to the advanced Canon EOS R5 or R6. Even videographers who have opted for models from the XA and XF series can take advantage of this offering.


How to Access the Courses?

To enroll in these courses, the process is simple and accessible to all. Canon has set up an online registration that you can find on the company’s official website at this link.

The workshops last for approximately 2 hours, which is more than enough time to learn the basics.

Seize this valuable opportunity to develop your skills and elevate your images to the next level with the excellence that only Canon can offer.

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