Can Your WhatsApp Messages Be Hacked? Free Course Teaches You


Ethical hacking, also known as white hat hacking, involves the identification of vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks with the permission of their owners in order to assess and enhance their security.

Ethical hackers utilize the same tools and knowledge as malicious hackers. The difference lies in their motivation, which is not for personal gain but rather to contribute to creating more secure and reliable systems.

Upon identifying vulnerabilities, ethical hackers meticulously document them and provide guidance to organizations on how to address these issues.

In the case of applications like WhatsApp, this may include techniques to demonstrate how unauthorized access to accounts or confidential data could occur, always with authorization and in a controlled manner.

Marco Mendoza, a renowned expert in cybersecurity with years of experience conducting audits for companies and government institutions, has developed a free ethical hacking course focused on WhatsApp.

The approximately 2-hour course covers key concepts related to vulnerabilities commonly exploited by cybercriminals to spy on applications, along with practical demonstrations of how malware could infiltrate messaging apps to extract confidential information.


“The goal is for participants to delve into the exciting world of ethical hacking and red teaming to detect digital threats, always within a controlled environment and for purely educational purposes,” explained Mendoza.

Furthermore, the course delves into mitigation and defense techniques to better protect devices and personal data, as well as to contribute to building a stronger cybersecurity culture among mobile app users.

The course is aimed at a general audience without specific prior knowledge of computer science, requiring only a computer, technological curiosity, and a motivation to learn.

The call for participation has been very positive, attracting over 1,600 enrolled students to date. Therefore, it is expected that new dates will be opened for more interested individuals in the near future.

If you want to join the course, you can do so through this link.

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