Call for Applications for Free Programming Course Now Open


Programming is an increasingly demanded skill in both the professional and academic realms.

Learning to code not only equips us to develop applications, websites, video games, and intelligent systems but also fosters logical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and communication.

That’s why the education and technology startup, Egg, has launched an initiative that offers a free web development course for individuals with no prior programming knowledge.

The course, comprising 12 classes, focuses on the fundamentals of web programming, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


A notable aspect of the course is its emphasis on collaborative learning. Participants will engage in joint projects, enabling them to develop teamwork and communication skills.

How to Enroll in the Course?

Individuals interested in enrolling in the course can do so through this link on the Egg platform.

Learning to code is an investment in the future. The tech industry offers numerous advantages, such as the opportunity for remote employment, the chance to work for international markets, and salaries in foreign currency.

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