Amazon trains you in machine learning: Here’s how to enroll in the course


AI is based on the idea that machines can mimic human intelligence, enabling them to learn, reason, and self-correct.

It is divided into two main categories: weak or narrow AI (ANI), which specializes in specific tasks such as facial recognition, language translation, and autonomous driving, and strong AI, which includes General Artificial Intelligence (IAG) and Superintelligent Artificial Intelligence (SIA).

IAG represents a theoretical form of AI in which a machine equals human intelligence, being self-aware and capable of problem-solving. SIA would surpass human intelligence.

Within AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are prominent subfields. These disciplines have applications in medicine, education, entertainment, security, among others.

Amazon has designed a Machine Learning course with the purpose of providing a solid understanding of this field. The course, which has a duration of 32 hours and 50 minutes, consists of 12 classes.


An important advantage is that it is available in multiple languages.

To enroll in the course, follow these steps:

  1. Access Amazon’s course webpage through this link.
  2. Create a free AWS Educate account or, if you already have an active Amazon account, use it.
  3. Click on the ‘Enroll’ button, highlighted in orange, located on the right side of the screen.

Once these steps are completed, you can start taking the classes at your own pace and track your progress and the percentage of completed classes on the course platform.

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