Amazon launches Free Courses to Learn Artificial Intelligence and Cloud


Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the most prominent technologies of today, and more and more people are seeking to acquire skills in this field.

In response to this growing demand, several technology companies have launched free courses to train those interested in the use and applications of generative AI.

Amazon, the leader in cloud services, has introduced an exciting free training program that allows beginners to effectively learn about AI.

Amazon AWS Artificial Intelligence Courses

Amazon AWS has launched a platform with a wide range of free artificial intelligence courses aimed at beginners.

This training platform consists of a large number of courses that explore everything from the basics of artificial intelligence to cloud computing. While some of the classes are in English, all of them have Spanish subtitles to facilitate understanding for Spanish-speaking students.

Although no prior knowledge is required, the platform is designed to provide a solid introduction to AI, allowing beginners to establish a strong foundation in this rapidly expanding field.

How to Access the Courses

Accessing these free courses is simple. You just need to visit the Amazon AWS platform by following this link and create an account.


Once registered, you can select the desired course and click on the “Enroll” button located in the top right corner of the page.

From that moment on, you can access the content of any course categorized as “FREE” and start learning through the available 12 sessions.

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Artificial intelligence and the cloud are two rapidly growing technological areas that offer numerous opportunities in today’s job market.

Learning about AI, especially through leading platforms like Amazon AWS, is essential for leveraging competitive advantages and being prepared for future challenges.

Don’t miss the opportunity to access these courses and take your first steps into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. Register today and broaden your technological horizons!

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