A man has been arrested for creating fake news using ChatGPT in China.


Chinese authorities have arrested a man in the Gansu province for allegedly using ChatGPT to create fake news.

According to reports, the man, identified only by his surname Hong, used the OpenAI chatbot to generate articles about a deadly train accident that authorities claim was “false information”.

After discovering the article on April 25, authorities found multiple versions of the same story with different locations that had been simultaneously published on 20 additional accounts on the Baidu-owned blog platform Baijiahao.

Hong claimed he was using ChatGPT to rewrite articles and generate money through internet traffic.

He is being accused of “provoking trouble and creating conflicts”, a charge that can be applied to suspects accused of creating and/or spreading false information online.

This arrest is one of the first made under China’s new anti-AI guidelines, which prohibit the misuse of artificial intelligence services to distribute “false information”.


Chinese authorities have introduced several regulations to AI technology to prevent the dissemination of fake news in the country.

This case highlights the need for governments to regulate access to these platforms to prevent the spread of false information and the abuse of technology.

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Source: theverge

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