49% of women are harassed in video games


The world of video games, where fun and competition intertwine, has also witnessed pressures between men and women.

Although the majority of players are men, many women continue to participate in the world of video games.

However, recent studies have revealed an alarming situation: women are prone to experiencing abuse in games, which can lead them to make drastic decisions, such as suicide.

A survey conducted by Sky Broadband of 4,000 female gamers has yielded shocking figures.

49% of the surveyed women stated that they had been victims of abuse or harassment while live streaming or playing video games. Unfortunately, this percentage rises to 75% among women between 18 and 24 years old.

80% of the women affected by online harassment stated that the messages and comments they received contained sexual content, while 35% said the messages were violent.

The research results also revealed that one in four female players feels depressed, and 27% fear that threats may turn into real-life attacks.


Although 25% of those affected stated that they would not report the abuse, 31% of female players confessed to lying about their gender in online games to avoid unwanted attention.

Even male players confirmed the survey findings. 51% of the surveyed men claimed to have witnessed harassment and abuse towards women during games. Additionally, 66% of both genders believed that women are more likely to be harassed than men.

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This reality is alarming for women who enjoy video games. It’s time to take measures to create a safe and abuse-free environment for all players, regardless of their gender!

Source: Sky Broadband

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