10 free platforms to host your backend code that you must know


In the exciting world of web development, finding the perfect place to host your backend code is crucial to ensure constant availability, optimal performance, and security for your application.

Why is it so important to choose the right platform to host your backend code? Let us explain!

Constant availability of your application is essential to meet the demands of your users. Additionally, optimal performance will ensure that your application responds quickly even during high-traffic moments.

And, of course, security is a prime concern to protect your users’ data and the integrity of your application.

But don’t worry! Here we present a list of the top 10 free platforms to host your backend code.

Let us introduce them to you:

Google Compute Engine

Experience the reliability and scalability of Google’s infrastructure with its generous free tier. Your backend code will be in good hands!

Google Cloud Functions

Enjoy a serverless environment where you can deploy and manage your backend code effortlessly. Start with their free tier and make the most of its flexibility.

Cloudflare Workers

Ensure lower latency and ultra-fast response times for your users by running your code on Cloudflare’s global network edge.

Their free tier is impressive.

Netlify Functions

Harness the power of serverless computing to create dynamic and scalable backend solutions in your Netlify application. Their free tier will give you the boost you need.

AWS Lambda

With this serverless computing service from Amazon Web Services, you can run your backend code without worrying about server management.



If you’re looking for a serverless, scalable, and resilient database platform, look no further. Enjoy their free tier and let your application grow limitlessly.


As an open-source alternative to Firebase, Supabase offers you a complete backend solution with a database, authentication, and storage.

Their free tier is the best option for those seeking a cost-effective solution.


Manage your content flexibly and scalably with this headless content management system. Their free tier provides you with all the necessary tools for success.


Build and deploy applications efficiently with this open-source platform. Their free tier gives you access to a wide range of backend services.


Collaborate with your team and enjoy a managed development environment for your backend applications.

Their free tier will provide you with all the advantages you need.

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With these 10 amazing free platforms, you’ll be on the right path to success in backend development.

Don’t waste any more time and start taking advantage of these opportunities right now!

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