Google offers a free course to learn Rust: The programming language of the future


Google has launched a new online and free course for those interested in learning Rust, a programming language designed to be safe, concurrent, and efficient.

Rust has gained popularity in recent years due to its focus on memory safety and its ability to handle concurrency safely.

The course, called “Comprehensive Rust,” is designed for beginners and is expected to be completed in a total of four days.

While no prior knowledge of Rust is required, having experience in C++ and Java can help accelerate the learning process.

The goal of the course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of Rust syntax and language, allowing participants to modify existing programs and write new ones in Rust.

During the first three days of the course, the fundamentals of Rust will be covered, from basic syntax to advanced topics such as generics and error handling.

Additionally, the course includes specific content for Android on the last day, addressing the use of Rust for Android platform development, including interoperability with C, C++, and Java.


While the course doesn’t cover all aspects of the language due to its breadth, it provides a solid foundation to start programming in Rust. Participants will learn the fundamental concepts, common structures, and conventions of Rust.

They are also invited to delve into specialized topics such as Android development, low-level (embedded) development, and concurrency.

With the release of this free course, Google aims to promote learning and adoption of Rust, leveraging its advantages in terms of security and performance.

How do I access the course?

Accessing the course is straightforward, simply visit the course page hosted on GitHub. No registration or login is required.

Interested individuals can access the course online and begin their learning journey in Rust to acquire skills in this increasingly in-demand systems programming language in the industry.

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  1. Is there any hope that I may understand this free course even though I have almost NO C++ experience?

  2. This is great thank you I only have a little understanding of HTML5 but I’m interested in Rust

  3. Thanks for the information. Though am not able to see any action button to apply, should be made obvious. Other interesting advert may steal the interest of interested persons

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